Our All-Natural Extraction Process Creates Superior Bioavailability

Blood Detoxifier
Boosts Cognitive Function
Supports Joint & Muscle Health
Fights Body-Wide Inflammation
Supports Cardiovascular Function
Promotes Healthy Mood Balance
Balance Circulation & Lowers Blood Pressure
Reduces Nausea
Blood-Sugar Regulator
Reduces Menstrual Pains
Positively Affects Cholesterol Levels
Stimulates & Aids Digestions By Upgrading Enzyme Actions

Instantly Water Dispersible!

Our All-Natural Extraction Process Creates Superior Bioavailability

A Nanoparticle Size Supports Efficiency and Effective Body Absorption.

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The Liposomal Formulation Causes a Higher Plasma Concentration

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For me, Shudd Curcumin has helped alleviate uncomfortable stiffness in my ankles and back. It has also made me feel less tired! Curcumin is a key part of maintaining my mobility, ensuring I can stay active and on the go!

BR, Chicago, IL Happy Customer
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This curcumin has really helped settle my stomach every morning. It's allowed me to eat breakfast and so made the rest of my day better.

Kathryn, MA Happy Customer
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Shudd Drinkable Nano Curcumin+ really helps soothe any soreness I have after exercise! Plus, their Ginger is great for digestion!

Jorg, CA Happy Customer
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This curcumin is without a doubt the best I’ve ever used. It dissolves easily and is flavorless as opposed to others that have a terrible taste. I highly recommend it.

Susan Happy Customer
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I've introduced Shudd Curcumin into my morning daily routine. I can honestly say i feel a huge difference with the inflammation in my joints. For absorption rate it's hands down the best on the market. I highly recommend!

Nick, CA Happy Customer
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I am impressed with this product. I have tried many things for my hemorrhoids and nothing has given me so much inflammation relif than this curcumin. I have tried many forms of curcumin but this Nano Curcumin is so potent that you can feel the difference since the first use. I would recommend this to any of my friends, specially for those who suffer from inmflamation. Mario Abundis - CEO Abundiss Services www.abundiss.com

Mario Abundis Happy Customer
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Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. I've been using the Curcumin for a few weeks and it really helps with inflammation. It's easy to drink with hardly any taste at all. Also enjoy the ginger, refreshing in water!

Larry Satcher- Pacific Palisades, CA Happy Customer
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On the bottle, it says 'Just drink it'. That's it in a nutshell. It really does dissolve instantly in water and has no taste! On top of that, it is the most potent curcummin on the market. Iused to have chronic pain in my shoulder from overuse. Nothing helped. It's gone!. SHUDD really does live it up to its promise of being the Purest. Thanks!

Evelyn Baran - Santa Monica, CA Happy Customer
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I have been taking Cur-Q-Gold for approximately a year. I started it when my holistic MD in Carlsbad CA said it was by far the best curcumin on the market and I should never be without it. Curcumin does so many amazing things and this brand is the highest quality and the most absorbable. Since I started Cur-Q-Gold I have felt overall healthier: more energy, stronger, less brain fog, and my joint pain completely went away. I am 66, feel a lot younger and seriously attribute it to this supplement. I will take my doctor's advice and never be without it.

Jeannie Edge Happy Customer
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Some of Our Happy Customers

They Love Our Products